Win £5000 of 121 coaching and online training with the leading Intuitive & Mindset Coach Caroline Britton

Any stipulations? Only good collaborative eggs need apply – those who are open to coaching and are prepared to put in the internal work to get the external rewards!

It is coming up to my three year anniversary of when I left my corporate job to set up my coaching business and I wanted to celebrate all my success! This means I am  giving back to a lucky winner who was destined to work with me!

By entering in to this giveaway, you are gifting yourself an opportunity to WIN FOR FREE:

3 X 121 much sought after sessions with me

Access to my Fear to Founder program giving you all the emotional and practical tools you need to get your business idea into action

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PLUS Access to a marketing expert as part of the program who will help you on branding, marketing and your business visuals

ALL WORTH £5000!

Hi you!

This is your chance to win £5000 worth of Caroline Britton’s 121 coaching and online training. All you need to do is pop your name into the draw and start feeling lucky!

I am Caroline Britton, an expert in helping people fulfil their potential by transforming their mindset.

Alongside my background of 14 years in a global management consultancy I also have an incredibly strong intuition for helping people & an ability to be able to feel what they feel.

I am able to get an extremely strong gut feel on someone beyond the words, actions and confusion they present me with and understand the true essence of them.

It’s like I can go straight to them at a soul level meaning I get epic results.

If you are keen to transform your life and to get your business idea off the ground then coaching with me could be exactly what you feel you need.

Caroline is inspiring.  Much of what I got out of the course and working with her was very inwardly-focused, though of course there has been an infinite supply of practical tools and action plans provided for a budding entrepreneur. 

Through the varied exercises, conversations, and a lot of thinking and writing, I’ve discovered so much about what drove me in the past and what drives me today. 

Being able to specifically identify what was going on inside me was empowering enough in itself.  However, the really remarkable thing about the course, what sets it apart, is that I’ve gained the confidence to move forward with a fresh, liberated sense of purpose. 

I feel like I’ve had a switch flick inside me and I can now see past worries or doubts as simply unnecessary and part of my history not my future.   


Without doubt, signing up to From Fear to Founder was the best business decision I’ve made. I made more progress in the first week of the course than I had done in over a year on my own! The programme has such a great structure – a mixture of online course content, two weekly group calls and two 1:1 calls, as well as unlimited email access to Caroline. Even though there is a lot of work to do I never felt alone or unsupported, and I loved every minute of it.

I didn’t realise how important mindset is to your business until Caroline helped me work through the fears I had that were stopping me taking the next step. The 8 weeks were very enlightening and I now speak to myself in a completely different way. I’m no longer so hard on myself for things I’ve done/haven’t done, and I’m finally proud when speaking about my business, rather than shying away from it.