Dreaming of starting your own business or getting your existing business off the ground?

Welcome to Fear to Founder

Know deep down it is finally your time to get your business into action & to live up to your potential?

Want to move out of inactivity, procrastination or perfectionism and start seeing results?

Want to FINALLY GET YOUR DREAM UNDERWAY & start a business you know will work? Want to get inner transformation in the process?

Does this sound like you?

Dizzy on LG G5 You have a business idea but are caught up in perfectionism, inactivity or procrasination

Dizzy on LG G5 You are a coach, creative, have a business product, idea or service you want to get out there but are not sure how

Dizzy on LG G5 You really want to set up your business but you have decided that it is too risky or lacking in confidence for moving forward

Dizzy on LG G5 You feel there must be more to life than the groundhog day you are living now

Dizzy on LG G5 Your work is ok but really you know you are destined for more and will  regret if you never go after your dream

Dizzy on LG G5 You have huge fear around money and starting a business

Dizzy on LG G5 You know it’s time to ACT even though your ego is putting up a fight & you are consumed by worry

Dizzy on LG G5 Your gut just wants you to go for it even though it often makes no logical sense

Now is your time. Ask your gut and she will tell you.

No more excuses, just forward momentum and deep lasting transformational change. From the inside out. It is time to find out who you really are and what you really want. To take that idea and to start putting it into action. It’s time to move forwards.

I am Caroline Britton, an intuitive business & mindset coach who has helped hundreds of people start successful businesses.

I myself left the corporate world [without a clue how to grow a business] and have grown my business to multiple six figures.

I know the secrets to making it happen and the internal work that needs to be done first before you can get the external rewards.

I know that feeling of FEAR!

You really want to make a change and commit to growing your business but you are just terrified.

I get it. I’ve been there, felt those things, and I know that awful feeling where you just can’t see how you can make the leap to something so uncertain.

But I did make the leap. Like the saying goes, I felt the fear and did it anyway. And look, I am out the other side. If I can do it then you can and I am here to show you how.


What can I expect?


Dizzy on LG G5 A total mindset and emotional overhaul
Dizzy on LG G5 Way more than just a start up business course – a total transformation of the way you view yourself & your capabilities
Dizzy on LG G5 To release the fear & blocks getting in your way
Dizzy on LG G5 All the practical & emotional tools to get your business idea into action
Dizzy on LG G5 A strategy to build your business including a solid marketing plan
Dizzy on LG G5 An amazing support network
Dizzy on LG G5 Access to the incredible video and written content for forever 
Dizzy on LG G5 A money overhaul
Dizzy on LG G5 All the strategic tools to start your business
Dizzy on LG G5 How to brand, do colour palettes, get crystal clear on your USP
Dizzy on LG G5 How to work social media & speak to your ideal customer/clients
Dizzy on LG G5 A complete business start up 101
Dizzy on LG G5 Time management, prioritisation, confidence tools & so much more
Dizzy on LG G5 6 transformational online modules running over 6 weeks

What is included

Dizzy on LG G5 6 transformational weeks of online videos & written content to learn on your own time and own terms

Dizzy on LG G5 Video trainings + a meditation to move your through blocks and into action

Dizzy on LG G5 Downloadable workbooks – they can be printed out so you can make notes of your inspired ideas!

Dizzy on LG G5 Weekly assignments

Dizzy on LG G5 Marketing 101 – how to brand, market, use social media & identify your audience

Dizzy on LG G5 Facebook group support

Dizzy on LG G5 Lifetime access to all online content

Dizzy on LG G5 A support network of people in the same position as you through our Facebook Group where you can message me your questions too

It is £1111 or 3monthly payments of £377 (Including VAT)


Check Mark on LG G5Amazing & thorough online content giving you everything you need to know to set up, launch, grow & scale your business
Check Mark on LG G5 Weekly assignments to get you into action
Check Mark on LG G5 A totally results focused program [and not an information overload]
Check Mark on LG G5 A total mindset transformation
Check Mark on LG G5 Finance planning & removal of money blockers
Check Mark on LG G5 A library of business resources, tools and contacts
Check Mark on LG G5 Pre-course reading recommendations
Check Mark on LG G5 A business start up guide
Check Mark on LG G5 A 1-3-5 year business strategy with clear SMART goals

What is included in the program

Module 1: Clarity & Reflection

  • Thinking about your journey so far
  • Your WHY and your big vision
  • The corporate versus business founder mindset
  • Your big vision & your appetite for change & success
  • Timings for setting up & growing your business
  • Money matters

Module 2: Mindset

  • What are you scared of? What are your blocks? Self-limiting beliefs? Assumptions that need to be challenged?
  • Letting go of self limiting beliefs
  • Negotiating through fear, fear versus love exercise
  • The role of winging it and confidence
  • Where you focus energy grows

Module 3: Setting up a business and Marketing know how

  • Setting up a business bank account, insurances, registering your company
  • Starting to generate money & confidence
  • Tapping into your network- getting started
  • Marketing and your brand
  • Finding your niche & owning it
  • Telling your visual story 
  • Design tools 
  • When and how to work with a professional
  • Social media 
  • Website, Basics of SEO & using google

Module 4: Planning

  • Anchoring yourself in your big vision when the fear creeps in
  • 1 and 3 and 5 year plan & top 5 things you want to achieve & why
  • Creating higher level service & charging correctly
  • Goal setting – writing your one year business plan
  • Breaking down your 1 year business plan using the SMART model

Module 5: Confidence & Authenticity

  • Building confidence
  • Abundance mindset – Your relationship with money & removing blocks once and for all
  • Revelling in your authenticity
  • Being prepared to shine & preparing for other people’s reactions
  • Going with your gut
  • Branding and PR based on the real you 
  • Scaling your business
  • Relating to your audience
  • Building your audience & maintaining a conversation (Mailchimp, list building & the sales funnel)
  • Everything you can do without spending a penny (covering basic SEO, google keywords, blogging, guest blogging etc)
  • Creating a manageable but effective marketing plan and sticking to it!

Module 6: Focus & Time Management

  • Managing time well – how to prioritise & get the right things done first
  • Keeping up momentum & being resilient
  • Anticipating & giving tools for potential blocks
  • Positive habits to create the life you want i.e. morning routines
  • Mindset check in
  • The power of visualisation 

Here are some comments from people who transformed their lives through the program

I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. The shifts I have made and the path I am on has happened because I am using the tools that Caroline has taught me. 100% recommended. 

Lorna, Fear to Founder Graduate

For anyone thinking about working with Caroline. I have two words for you… DO IT

Amy, Fear to Founder Graduate and now VA coach

Caroline is changing lives, the results are remarkable

Kate, Fear to Founder Graduate and Interior Stylist

Being part of the Fear to Founder program has been absolutely life changing for me

Karen, Fear to Founder Graduate and Photographer

The Fear to Founder program has honestly been quite transformational. For me my biggest blockers have been mindset related (fear not of doing this – as it’s something I’m passionate about – but fear of not being able to make it pay financially). So to get to grips with that, to really deliver into what those issues were and how to work through them and have the ability now to manage them when they surface again, has been a game changer for me. I feel like I’ve just elevated myself and my confidence way beyond where I was. I’m now pushing myself to do things I wouldn’t have had the balls to do before.  I won’t lie I’m in slight overwhelm by the content to work through but I know I have all the ingredients to plan for the next 5 years and beyond and I’m crystal clear on my goals and priorities for the next 12 months. Caroline helped break it all down into manageable chunks. She really knows her stuff – she is hugely intuitive and has a 6th sense for getting to the root of things.

Honestly, I can’t believe the progress I’ve made in a few weeks. I know without it I probably wouldn’t have got to this stage for another year or two and certainly not with such a firm foundation and supply of materials and exercises to fall back on!

Charlie [She did leave her job and is now making four figures a month with her business Fearless Flamingo!]


Who is this program for?

This can be for anyone who has a business idea that they want to put into action or has just started a business and is feeling lost, unsure or lacking in confidence. This is for you if you need to be guided on all the mindset, emotional & practical tools that are key to building a thriving business.

What if I already have a business but it never really got off the ground?

Then this is an excellent program for you as one of the biggest reasons is likely to be your mindset and not having built your business on the right foundations. With this program you will be able to reflect on your blockers & be given the tools to remove them. You can re-assess what is and is not working & build a plan for change on the right foundations.

What if I am right at the very beginning of my business idea?

That is fine as the program is going to get you to taking you right from the conception of your idea into getting it into action.

How long does the program last?

The program is 6 weeks of content, with each module rolled out on a weekly basis but the content is forever so you can revisit it time and time again.

What if I have a question or am stuck?

You can message Caroline through the Caroline Britton Facebook page – please message her privately. 

Can I pay in instalment palns?

Yes, of course! We love to help with payment plans! The program is £1,111 and can be paid in three instalments of £373

Can I pay on credit card?

Yes you can pay on credit or debit card