The Cosmic Leap

A journey into The Quantum to manifest magic

Session 1: Teaching with Caroline on how to cosmic leap + intention setting with The Cosmos

Workbook 1: Vibration + Intention 

This 4 minute audio will help explain the workbook in more detail.

Please take the time to sit quietly and go through your workbook after you have listened to my audio.

Some of these questions are unusual. The energy is held for you to allow yourself to be guided on this. There is no right or wrong.

Accessing the Quantum is connected to trusting yourself and your power.

With these questions I want you to:

Go with your gut. Trust yourself.

Let your body and energy lead.

Session 2: Guided journey into The Cosmos

Workbook 2: Calling in the Magic

First of all, please listen to my audio. This will give you a greater context for the workbook exercises.

Next, take a look at the workbook and see if you can do the questions I have asked. Again, trust whatever comes up. We are opening you up so it might not always make sense. Trust what wants to flow through and of you.

Lastly, if you want the best results. Commit to doing the practical exercise I have listed in the workbook everyday for 30 days.